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Caption translation

I’ve created the English captions file: http://keithcu.com/MoviePublic/SWCaptions.srt .

If you’d like to translate or review it in your language, please put your email address in this Google form:


There are online tools for distributed translation like Pootle, or I could put it in Git and let people work on portions, if translating the whole file is too big for one person.

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@tweettruth2me Those in high government now are the standard bearers of GENERATIONS of politicians and bureaucrats who helped make government the gluttonous monstrosity that it currently is. And they have absolutely NO incentive to make government smaller or more effective and efficient.

These results suggest BA.2.75 may prevail after the global BA.4/BA.5 wave, and its increased receptor-binding capability could allow further incorporation of immune-evasive mutations. In fact, BA.2.75 + R346T, BA.2.75 + L452 and BA.2.75 + L452 + K444M have already emerged. (9/n)

I said this before, and I will repeat it, all tax-funded government projects should use FLOSS OS and apps to save money. Opensource vendors like RedHat/IBM, Canonical, SUSE and others could benefit significantly from such a policy.

And now, after a couple of temporary suspensions for reporting #VaxxInjured, Jessica Rose .@JesslovesMJK has been permanently banned. Note that a Telegram account using her name is FAKE. But you can still get her great content on her substack: https://jessicar.substack.com/

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