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Software Wars, the Movie

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Caption translation

I’ve created the English captions file: http://keithcu.com/MoviePublic/SWCaptions.srt .

If you’d like to translate or review it in your language, please put your email address in this Google form:


There are online tools for distributed translation like Pootle, or I could put it in Git and let people work on portions, if translating the whole file is too big for one person.

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Four corporations control 85% of meat processed in the United States. One of these companies is Chinese, one is Brazilian. Prices are going up in the supermarkets. The oligopoly is enabled by over-regulation of small American owned processors by the US government.

Democrat ⁦@OregonGovBrown⁩ says businesses can stop requiring masks & social distancing if and only if they require COVID-19 vaccination proof for people who enter the space. https://www.wweek.com/news/2021/05/13/governor-says-businesses-can-stop-requiring-masks-if-they-verify-all-their-patrons-are-vaccinated/

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and you can follow this GitHub repo(curated by me) for more advanced free ML/DL/NLP courses from Top universities around the world.


5 Takeaways from Poking around IBM Cloud https://www.lastweekinaws.com/blog/5-takeaways-from-poking-around-ibm-cloud/

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