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4/6/10: Pundit Tim O’Reilly has said that software licenses are “a rathole” in the context of applications like Google, because they also require hardware and data — as if this somehow makes Google unique from every other piece of software. This is an example of how free software has historically lost the battle of ideas.

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The ongoing consolidation in AI is incredible. Thread: ➡️ When I started ~decade ago vision, speech, natural language, reinforcement learning, etc. were completely separate; You couldn't read papers across areas - the approaches were completely different, often not even ML based.

@Thadeu_Melo @keithccurtis @alstromerias1 multiple sites are mutated, as if convalescent plasma AND commercial mABs were the darwinian challenge.

It's hard to read this thread and see such simplicity sacrificed to fatuously prove trivial consistency properties of a program. I worry for Python as a language for learners, and for those of us who teach it.

Ultrasound at diagnostic use settings causes coronavirus to vibrate and break apart.
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