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Software Wars, the Movie

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The Movie

I’m making a movie based on the book. It will be interesting to fans of technology, yet hopefully enjoyable to a general audience.

Teaser trailer:

The 70-minute feature is complete:


  1. Keith, how’s it going with your movie, getting any closer to finish it?
    Did love your book and kind of wanted to know more about the horrors from Seattle.

  2. I would like to contribute, but why is it so incredible hard to pay. This is always the case with all the open source projects I have encountered. I will never use PayPall, a username/password protection to unlimited access to your financial account is not very safe in my humble opinion. And somehow paypall does not accept my creditcard.

  3. I’d finance this documentary film project but the Indiegogo funding campaign is over now. Time limit is the main problem with those crowd funding sites. Many potential supporters find the projects on them after the deadline.

  4. @amine:
    Keith seemed to think it could be finished this December, but that was two months ago, I hope he hasn’t got much more delays due of bio-tech* related stuff he wanted to add.

    * I think it was bio-tech he wanted to cover too, but I don’t find the mail in my alpine at the moment.

  5. Ever since I saw the trailer I’ve been looking forward to this film. I think there are a lot of people would be interested in this movie out there.

  6. I am very interested in watching this however the link provided doesn’t work and I can’t seem to find the movie anywhere else.

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The lesson is: write! Writing is an upgraded version of thinking.

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