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Software Wars, the Movie

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Software Wars Virtual Launch Party

Software Wars is a 70 minute documentary about the ongoing battle between proprietary versus free and open-source software. The more we share scientific information, the faster we can solve the challenges of the future.

There’s a free virtual US-based launch party on Saturday June 22 at 9pm EDT: http://live.detroitquaranteam.com. Our servers are in the Eastern United States, so if you live far from there, you might not have enough bandwidth. There will also be more announcements soon here and on social media.

Dear lxer.com: I submitted this event on Wednesday the 17th but there’s a very long queue of news stories so it took days to show up and you all missed the party! Here’s a torrent file:


For now you can also watch it on the Peertube I setup:



  1. At last, we have waited for this for many many years 🙂
    Congratulate to finishing this huge project of yours.

    • Thanks, it was a huge amount of work and learning, and also life and death and other things got in the way for a while. One of the biggest things is that I should have been doing the editing from the beginning instead of hiring other talented but busy people, and waiting around, and then having to redo it for whatever reason anyway.

      I hope you find it interesting.

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