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Software Wars, the Movie

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HTML Version

Here are some of the sections I’ve posted online.



AI and Google

Should Ubuntu Have Been Created?


Software Patents

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@BlueSlots Last night at my sons HS basketball game the referee laid down and died. It wasn’t as dramatic as this woman’s fall. He kinda laid back down. But it still freaked everyone out. It was the middle of the 4th quarter. He laid down & never moved again. They cleared the gym.

Why do corrupt leaders hate Religion?

Who is more fearful of death, those who are religious, or those who are not?

Religion softens fear in society.

Fear is a corrupt leaders' most powerful weapon. The queen on their chess board.

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Dutch farmers are back on the highways protesting in their tractors.

This comes after the Dutch government is going ahead with shutting down up to 3000 farms because of the EU’s tyrannical measures on cutting nitrogen emissions.

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