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Soundtrack for the book

Here are some mixes I made with the help of a sound engineer. Note, the bottom mix has two trainwrecks at 51: and 55. I will note on twitter when I have a final version.

Drum and bass #1:

1Blu Mar TenGlobal Access
3Blu Mar TenBelieve Me
4Zero TRun Time
5Blu Mar TenBy The Time My Light Reaches You, I’ll Be Gone
6SebaNot looked up
7SebaNot looked up
8LTJ Bukem & MC ConradPromo Mix
9Method OnePodcast
10Beta 2 & Zero TSaturate State
11J LazeMemoryz

House / breakbeat mix

1Ulrich SchnaussHere Today, Gone tomorrow
2Way Out WestApollo
4Brancaccio and AisherMusic Don’t Stop
7ShpongleDorset Perception
8Ulrich SchnaussOn My Own
9John JohnsonLondon
10Gwill MorrisTime
11Young American PrimitiveRitual
13Blu Mar TenBelieve Me (David Bartholomeusz remix)

Drum and Bass Mixtape #2
Mix of modern drum and bass tracks

1Scenic And AdvisoryScience Friction
2Blu Mar TenAll Over Again (Sabre Remix)
3LogisticsReality Checkpoint
4FurneySoh Cah Toa
Opium Lady
6Scenic and AdvisoryIcicle
7CalibreAll These Days
8Lynx feat. KemoGlobal Enemies
9TaylaTurn It Around
10LocksmithI’m Not Where You Are
11Zero TTell Me
12Makoto, T-AkVoyager
13Lm1, Indigo SyncThe 5-9-1
15DJ Marky, XRSStrip Tease
16LM1Season of Descent
17Blu Mar TenOverwhelm

Old-school Goodlooking Records Mixtape (v0.99)

1Blu Mar TenSantur
2IntenseEastern Promise
3PsyneSly Detector
5Blu Mar TenDark Matter
6PFMThe Western
7Future EngineersTime Shift
8Big BudPure
9Alaska and NucleusThe Nautilus
10IntenseWestside Blues
14PFMDanny’s Song
15LTJ BukemDemon’s Theme
16Blu Mar TenMyriad
17PFMIn Love
18AquaskyIn the Zone
19PFMStill Doin’ It
20MakotoSky High


  1. Now I’m just plain fascinated that the man behind “Software Wars” is into classic GLO stuff (ok so now it’s official that Jungle is geek music 🙂 ). These go into the wheels sound system, pronto!

    Thanks, Keith!

  2. please distribute your mixes [also] as torrents so people like me can help you save on your own server costs. hosting centrally is just a bad habit. please let us add our two cents in participatory culture by letting us co-host your stuff via torrents.

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