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Busy with Solar / Electrical

Sorry I haven’t posted much. I’ve been busy being a solar technician, (troubleshooting and maintaining solar installations) and doing some electrical work, which is interesting and tiring. I still follow the IT world via Twitter mostly, especially LLMs and Covid, using Arch Linux as much as possible, and doing little projects.

I’ve recently been helping Chip Hoffman do some electrical projects, and just built him a starter website in WordPress. It’s not quite as pretty as SquareSpace, but WordPress has definitely improved a ton since I first started using it in 2005 and the visual editor is nice.

If you live in Detroit, and need any electrical or solar work done, he is an extremely experienced and quality workman, with fair rates. There are a lot of houses with service entrance wiring that is degraded and needs to be replaced. See these pictures of this project I’m helping with — an old panel with actual fuses!

Here’s his initial website. It’s incomplete and needs better pictures, but it’s a start and good to get it in the search engine indexes. I’ve learned so much working with him.


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