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I like Ubuntu very much, but they cannot rest on their laurels yet. Here is the list of bugs I’ve found.

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  • JanC

    # The 802.11 network admin tool is completely broken. It is incredibly slow and there are huge pauses when there shouldn’t be, when I create or update a location, the settings don’t persist, and I can’t get it to connect to encrypted access points. If I could fix one thing in Ubuntu, it would be this. I’m tempted to download the code, crank up the debugger and have a look around. However, I can’t believe other people haven’t noticed these issues already. I wonder how many Ubuntu people aren’t running Breezy or use iwconfig?

    –> should be largely fixed in Dapper by using NetworkManager

    # Both save to RAM and hibernate to disk don’t work.

    –> works for many more laptops now

    # It is harder to install Java than any other piece of software on my computer. I’ll bet Scott McNealy couldn’t do it.

    –> blame Scott McNealy for not allowing Ubuntu to redistribute Java…
    –> Breezy has Blackdown Java 1.4
    –> several third-party repositiories have Sun Java 1.5 packages

    # Can BASH use Ctrl-c for copy like the rest of Linux?

    –> Ctrl-C is “break” (DOS copied this from UNIX!), but you can use Shift-Ctrl-C in gnome-terminal.

    # Ubuntu didn’t install the MP kernel on my MP machine. Fedora did. The MP 686 kernel is in the repository, so it isn’t much work…

    –> It’s not on the CD though, which is why it wasn’t installed (the unofficial network-installation CDs install it AFAIK). And dapper comes with a unified UP/SMP kernel, so you won’t need it anymore… 🙂

    # I’ve had a few hard crashes on my laptop, when playing around with IWConfig.

    –> do you use ndiswrapper?

    # My .ICEAuthority permissions got reset somehow and the graphical logon was broken. I reset the permissions and all was well.

    –> IIRC there was a known problem when using K3B under GNOME causing this?