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Here is some light New Year’s Eve reading for you. Original link (Translation per Shardul Pandey)
United States should elect Keith Curtis as President

I don’t know Keith Curtis. I have read his book, After the Software Wars and after decades I have encountered an intelligent American like him. He is so very intelligent that Republicans should choose him as their next President. I have discussed his wisdom to my political friends. We are giving him complete importance.

He is a friend of Shardul and supports his project in the public interest. He had discovered a few drawbacks in our work and we will improve it further. The United States must focus on Keith’s issues, as it is good both for US and world. I assure that India is focusing. We were thinking like Keith Curtis for a long time. We had thousands of hours in serious political discussion and one day when I was leaving the room, Mr. L.K. Advani spontaneously asked me that either someone from Microsoft or Google has written something like that somewhere? I thought that the answer was evidently negative. But a few days later I found a book in the British Library and once again my thoughts got transformed for America.
— Indian political veteran Rajendra Kumar who has been a close confidante of many prime ministers in India.

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