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Open Letter to Linode about Hosting Parler

This originally used to be hosted on Medium, but they took it down. I think it proves the point of the post!


I sent them an email explaining that I would like to tweak it to make it conform to their rules, and whether they have any suggestions. I would love for someone to go through this and find specific problems. I’d be happy to improve any aspect, given precise feedback. It’s much easier to burn a book than explain why.

After about 48 hours, they sent me another email saying:

After careful review of the details of the appeal, and the relevant account or post history, Medium’s Trust & Safety team has concluded that it remains in violation of site policies and will not be restored. The decision at this time is final.

Dear Linode,

I think it’s a mistake you wouldn’t host Parler. Given you believe so much in free software, you should also support free expression of ideas. If an election was stolen, and the media told you that “crazy idea” was just a debunked conspiracy theory, did it really happen? We need free speech to protect Democracy! They took away Tour De France medals years later after fraud is proven. Foreign interference and a stolen election can be overturned if proven.


If you create an account on Parler, and follow some of popular names like General Flynn or Sidney Powell, you will find it is nothing like what we’ve been told. Parler is predominantly a bunch of patriotic people who are tired of the censorship on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. To be clear, Parler does moderate their content. Calls to violence, child porn, etc. are not allowed and they remove it, but they can’t catch it all.

Compared to Parler, the depths of Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, 4Chan, etc. are a cesspool! Antifa openly organizes criminal activity on those platforms, doing billions of dollars in damage in the last year. The calls for shame and violence towards Republicans is endless on Big Tech, and the mainstream media. It takes two seconds to find a severed head of Trump on Twitter.

Antifa and BLM Protests were encouraged or normalized by the media, even as they dragged on for months. No Democrat was pressured to denounce the violence, and in fact many explicitly encouraged it:


The Capitol was invaded during the Kavanaugh hearings for days, but that also didn’t make the news, or was spun as positive event for Democracy. Meanwhile, I wonder how much of the dark web runs on AWS. AWS happily runs Twitter’s business, and I presume you would love that as well. Things far worse than Parler run on AWS! If you notice the shame is extremely selective towards one political party, that is a scary warning.

None of the news media covered the citizens who saw election crimes, so many people have no idea of the breadth and scope of the fraud. The MI state hearings were mind-blowing. In Detroit, the city told employees to ignore matching signature and identification requirements, back-date ballots and absentee applications, etc. It wasn’t just boxes of stuffed ballots, it was the government itself systemically breaking the law.

There’s a ton of unrebutted analysis that the election was stolen from Republicans, and there’s a mountain of evidence. The fact that they stopped counting before midnight in several key swing Democrat cities alone is proof they were cheating. They had hired staff for 24/7 work. Why they all did it remains unanswered, months later. When you see 150K ballots, 93% for Biden showing up in the middle of the night in the time-series data, after they had officially stopped counting, it starts to make sense.


If you watch the Georgia arena video, you can see how they were illegally counting ballots with no observers present. Sometimes, they ran the ballots through the machine multiple times. That one video alone is enough to overturn Georgia.

Furthermore, states illegally deleted the ballot images and other metadata. If they didn’t commit any crimes, why are they covering up information they are supposed to keep around for 2 years after all federal elections?


Unfortunately, the courts didn’t take it up. I have heard that many judges and their families have been threatened. Next, the State Legislatures didn’t fix it in time. Then, Pence didn’t send it back to the states — even though 5 had written letters asking for more time!

If the media didn’t cover the fraud, and the courts just dismissed the cases, and the state legislatures and Congress didn’t repair it, did it really happen?


Of course, the Dominion voting machines, which apparently sent votes out of the country is another aspect of election fraud.


Trump’s speech at the protest was not an incitement to violence. I recommend watching it since it will probably be his last, and he discusses the election fraud, and how he can prove he won states like Georgia many different ways.

Importantly, the Washington DC protest was infiltrated with busloads of Antifa / BLM, apparently given police escort. Antifa provokes violence and chaos, and then the media blame patriots and Trump. There were many “Stop The Steal” rallies in contested states that didn’t have any violence.

It’s a clever and devious Alinskyite tactic to infiltrate a peaceful movement with violent extremists, but it only works when people are uninformed.

Social media wants to control what you think. If you get news from any of the mainstream sources they already do. Now they have to control everyone else.

That about a majority of Americans think an election was stolen is a grave threat to their regime. I don’t think Q is real, but he did an interesting drop about the media: https://qanon.pub/?q=4am#2682 that is worth studying.

I remember the weeks of stories about how Trump was going to end the Internet by repealing Net Neutrality. How’d that turn out? We went through 4+ years of outrage campaigns. Trump is a flawed person who made many mistakes, but the mainstream media told countless lies about him.

You probably know about the lack of privacy on the big tech platforms, but you may not know about the shadowbanning, the disappearing of followers and views for political reasons, and the various kinds of software harassment to prevent people from sharing disputed information. For example, putting this quantitative analysis of 2020 election vote anomalies in a tweet is not allowed to be shared, liked, replied to by others.

I’d like to know what mathematician in the Twitter censorship department has disproven this, and where their explanation is. Unfortunately, they are never forced to justify themselves. Both political parties are angry at Big Tech. The Republicans would like less censorship, the Democrats more. Given who is in power now, you can predict what is going to happen.

Biden is owned and controlled by China. The media lied to you about his corruption, mental state, and his history of selling out our country and its values. The media even gave him questions in advance. They all know this, but they don’t bother to tell us that.

If you agree with Amazon on some politically-correct topic, you are likely doing the wrong thing. We need alternatives to the techno-fascism and social media mind-control.

I read a few “bad” comments on Parler. Did you know it’s legal to hang traitors or shoot them, after their trial? Making a hyperbolic joke about hanging someone for treason isn’t a threat to violence. Here’s a pic of the Lincoln conspirators: done legally!


Just to be clear, I’m not defending Trump, or violence. I’m just trying to put this in some context. Big Tech today is already far worse than Orwell’s worst nightmare. They don’t burn books, but they can easily ban accounts, and posts, and control minds in so many invisible ways. Once they hide the truth, we can be forced to believe anything.

I’ve been running Linode since 2005, and you have been fast, easy to use, and as reliable as electricity. I like your system very much, especially your philosophy and support for free software. I’ve written about how Amazon is a parasite of the free software community, whereas you are much better.

I wrote a book and made a movie about free software, ideas that you are also obviously passionate about. I’m writing to you in defense of the free expression of ideas, and Democracy itself.

Maybe you can’t support Parler for political reasons, but supporting customers of all political philosophies is a good business model. You can never be as Woke or as powerful as Amazon, so you should prefer to defend freedom!

Letter to the FDA About Chlorine Dioxide

Dear FDA,

Your web page about Chlorine Dioxide has multiple mistakes: https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-warns-consumers-about-dangerous-and-potentially-life-threatening-side-effects-miracle-mineral

It is not the same as Clorox bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) because it has a lower oxidation potential.

ChemicalOxidation Potential
Ozone2.07 volts
Hydrogen Peroxide1.80 volts
Sodium Hypochlorite1.49 volts
Oxygen1.3 volts
Chlorine Dioxide0.95 volts

It’s been shown that Chlorine Dioxide isn’t strong enough to oxidize body cells or gut bacteria at therapeutic doses, but it will oxidize many pathogens like viruses that are small and weakly held together.

Many people argue Chlorine Dioxide is unsafe because it’s used as a bleaching agent, but if Clorox were used to bleach that same paper, there would be nothing left!

The process of oxidation with household bleach produces dangerous hydrocarbons such as chloroform. ClO2, on the other hand, doesn’t create toxic by-products. Therefore, unlike household bleach, ClO2 won’t cause mutations or cancer. To scare people by equating it to the dangerous Clorox everyone has in their household is a lie.

I believe Chlorine Dioxide will eventually replace the more toxic chlorine mix used in swimming pool systems, and the fluoride in municipal water treatment, since it’s both safer and more effective. In truth, Chlorine Dioxide is far from the danger the FDA claims: it is used in a wide range of industrial applications.


Here is a brief video demonstrating how Chlorine Dioxide isn’t the poisonous product you claim it is:

Chlorine Dioxide has been used in water treatment since 1944 because it’s effective in a wide range of pHs, and doesn’t break down into toxic residues.

There are testimonials for ClO2 treating everything from cancer to HIV, and even stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s. There is even a US patent showing that injections of Chlorine Dioxide into cancerous tissue can safely treat it. I’ve read that 20 million people worldwide have taken the medicine, and that it has treated Covid-19! This pretty much proves your web page is incorrect.

The lethal (LD50) dose of Chlorine Dioxide is 100 times higher than the typical protocol of 3-6 drops in 1/2 cup of water per hour. In one study, rats were fed it orally at a rate of 40 PPM for 90 days and found no ill effects. There is zero chance of dehydration or other problems at reasonable doses. The way you talk about it on your website without even mentioning safe dose ranges is dishonest.

Here’s a link to a great paper by Andreas Kalcker: https://keithcu.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/English.pdf It talks about the history, safety, and mechanism of action.

CloSYS Moutwash 700x880 1

WaterPureWorld also has a nice shop.


Ultrasonic humidifier for inhaling ClO2

FDA Response

Thank you for writing the Division of Drug Information in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your information with us. 

We appreciate your effort in contacting the FDA to share your concerns with us. As discussed in the FDA News Release on Miracle Mineral Solution, the FDA warns consumers not to purchase or drink products such as Mineral Solution, Miracle Mineral Supplement, MMS, Chlorine Dioxide Protocol, Water Purification Solution, or other similar products do to serious and potentially life-threatening side effects. These products are not FDA-approved for treating COVID-19.

Please find up-to-date information on the FDA Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Main Page and the CDC COVID-19 Main Page.

Reply to FDA

Dear FDA,

Thank you very much for responding to me! Unfortunately, I believe some of your information is incorrect.

I know you all are doing your best, but I find it a little ironic you are trying to outlaw a medicine that safely treats (via selective oxidation) half the diseases known to man, including Covid-19: https://mmstestimonials.co/ It’s been used for 100 years in medicine, for example to sanitize donated blood. It’s also known to work as a mouthwash. People using it have no plaque build up because it oxidizes the bacteria which create it. You can read glowing reviews online.

Chlorine Dioxide seems to not touch healthy tissue or even gut bacteria, but it will travel all around the body until it finds a negatively charged pathogen and rip apart a virus like Covid-19. Here’s an article talking about it treating all the Covid-19 patients in one city in Bolivia: https://madridmarket.es/san-jose-de-chiquitos-ha-controlado-absolutamente-la-pandemia-con-dioxido-de-cloro-afirma-garmain-caballero-alcalde-del-municipio-de-41-000-vecinos/

I believe it was mostly done intravenously, which is easy to cycle fresh Chlorine Dioxide throughout the body 24 hours a day. Apparently ClO2 only lasts inside for about an hour. However, it seems to work almost as well orally. In the case of cancer, people drink it for months, instead of chemotherapy.

The article above is not in English, but it’s worth translating given the stunning results. If you really believe Chlorine Dioxide doesn’t work, you would be able to explain alternate theories for that result. It would be great for someone to try at least, and put that on the FDA web page. Can you propose another theory to explain that apparent city-wide medical miracle?

I read an article in Business Insider claiming that the Chlorine Dioxide results in Bolivia were fake, but they never include any quotes from doctors who actually treated the patients. It’s amazing how even professors of medicine don’t notice when an article only tells half the story. Has anyone at the FDA talked to any of those doctors in Bolivia?

By one recent count, 5,000 doctors in 25 countries are using Chlorine Dioxide as treatment or prevention of Covid-19, from age 0 to age 105. The cost of treatment is estimated to be about $5. Has anyone at the NIH talked to any of those 5,000 doctors? Is there any chance that the FDA favors novel expensive drugs, even if they are less safe and effective because the patent scheme allows them to sell the production for 100s of dollars?

There was recently a clinical trial to test the safety and efficacy of 10 hours daily oral use of Chlorine Dioxide against Covid-19, and it found that the treated patients were all almost entirely feeling better at the end of the study. The research has some limitations and questions, but the tremendous results are being ignored. Instead of trying to validate the results with better studies, they are ridiculing it, and pretending it doesn’t exist. They’d rather keep working on their new drug or gene therapy, which they can patent and sell for millions.

If you don’t think Chlorine Dioxide is a good selective oxidizer, then what do you recommend inetad? Why don’t you don’t mention any better substitutes using this powerful mechanism of action?

The dangerous side effects seem only when inhaled in large quantities, or ingesting far outside the recommended dose. 2 cups of salt would kill a human, so you how come you don’t go around prosecuting people who own table salt? How can you say something that is currently used in mouthwash and water treatment is unsafe without talking about the concentration or dose?

The typical dose of Chlorine Dioxide is just a few drops in 1/2 cup of water per hour. It’s been said it breaks down into salts and oxygen, or have you heard something else?

A US Army veteran told me it saved his life when he caught malaria. I have heard it’s quite widely used in US military hospitals. However, they have to do it secretly or you will take their license away. Bureaucracies are great at unintentionally killing people.

There’s a lot of great scientific information in that Andreas Kalcker paper explaining how it can be used for Covid-19. Can you find any mistakes?

The Chlorine Dioxide page on the FDA website has zero scientific studies it links to. How can you be so certain your position is correct with zero evidence to back it up?

There are questions about how Chlorine Dioxide can be dangerous to a virus, but not healthy tissue, which are made of the same parts. Andreas Kalcker says that ClO2 acts on acidic mediums and it’s also size-selective. There are millions of people who have taken the typical 3 drops an hour protocol for one disease or another, in many cases for weeks or months. The typical dose is about 189 mg / day! There was a study from 1982 which showed no ill effects from 12 weeks of daily oral use. The WHO also did an extensive survey and found a lot of evidence Chlorine Dioxide is safe in reasonable doses.

The government spends a lot of time and money on vaccines. However, which of the two is easier for the body to accomplish?

  • To build an immune response and neutralize Covid-19 particles faster than an extremely infectious variant of a virus can replicate.
  • Drink a potion which selectively oxidizes all the virus particles.

Dr. Manuel Aparicio has treated thousands of patients using Chlorine Dioxide in Mexico. Here is a video I recommend you watch:


I’ve read that Chlorine Dioxide is enhanced by Dimethyl Sulfate, which dissolves the ClO2 so that it can be carried deeper into the body. Maybe you should fund some studies along the lines of safe oxidants, and solvents for them, if you don’t have any good information right now.

Please read through the pages of testimonials and consider the possibility that you are wrong: what would happen to the drug industry if this could safely treat half of the most common diseases known to man?

If you could respond to these questions, I would really appreciate it!

Not only is (in my mind) the government wrongly prosecuting people over Chlorine Dioxide, and effectively doing the bidding of Big Pharma, Big Tech has also gotten involved. Searching for “MMS Chlorine Dioxide” on Google takes you takes you to page after page telling you it’s unsafe, whereas DuckDuckGo has a much more balanced mix of content. Google has clearly tweaked their algorithms to present only one side of the facts — in spite of decades of studies showing it is has a safe therapeutic window.

I put this quote in my book, and I believe it applies to the FDA:

Brilliance is typically the act of an individual, but incredible stupidity can usually be traced to an organization.

—Jon Bentley

Update: Dr. Peter McCullough discusses Chlorine Dioxide for MonkeyPox.

Caption translation

I’ve created the English captions file: http://keithcu.com/MoviePublic/SWCaptions.srt .

If you’d like to translate or review it in your language, please put your email address in this Google form:


There are online tools for distributed translation like Pootle, or I could put it in Git and let people work on portions, if translating the whole file is too big for one person.

Software Wars Virtual Launch Party

Software Wars is a 70 minute documentary about the ongoing battle between proprietary versus free and open-source software. The more we share scientific information, the faster we can solve the challenges of the future.

There’s a free virtual US-based launch party on Saturday June 22 at 9pm EDT: http://live.detroitquaranteam.com. Our servers are in the Eastern United States, so if you live far from there, you might not have enough bandwidth. There will also be more announcements soon here and on social media.

Dear lxer.com: I submitted this event on Wednesday the 17th but there’s a very long queue of news stories so it took days to show up and you all missed the party! Here’s a torrent file:


For now you can also watch it on the Peertube I setup:




I used to read Drudge Report almost daily. I also used to enjoy LinuxHomePage.com, which is now gone.

So I decided to create LinuxReport.net. It’s like Drudge, but for Linux. It’s 300 lines of Python / Flask, including customization. If you have any suggestions, check out the repo.