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Amazing documentary called Dare to Dream

I just watched an incredibly inspiring, funny and interesting documentary about the history of women’s soccer. It is so good it should be shown in movie theaters!

If you are a woman, or like women, or have a daughter, you must check it out!

You can watch it on HBO:

Or you can purchase it from Amazon:

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.@elonmusk, reinstate suspended scientists.

Below are two examples: one is the co-inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, and the other is the most cited cardiologist in the world.

very interesting

@BlueSlots Last night at my sons HS basketball game the referee laid down and died. It wasn’t as dramatic as this woman’s fall. He kinda laid back down. But it still freaked everyone out. It was the middle of the 4th quarter. He laid down & never moved again. They cleared the gym.

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