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Email to the FDA Compounding Pharmacy Alias



I’ve read one of the threatening letters you’ve sent to compounding pharmacies about Ivermectin. Unfortunately, they are full of mistakes. Ivermectin is far safer than mutagenic Molnupiravir, for example.

If you wonder why the US has a worse Covid death rate than almost every other country, it’s because of bureaucratic incompetence combined with regulatory capture. Your letters are a perfect example of that.

I realize you might just be copying and pasting text, and you’ve probably not read any of the 70+ scientific studies showing Ivermectin safety and efficacy, nor talked to any doctors who have clinical experience with it, nor talked to any of the patients who have taken it.

I wrote a post (in April 2021!) that explains in just a few pages how you are thoroughly misinformed about the safety and efficacy of Ivermectin regarding Covid:

Please read it, and the links, and then please apologize to the pharmacies, and the world, for trying to squelch the most effective and safest drug for Covid-19. In fact, if you had been doing the smart thing and encouraging the use of Ivermectin, the pandemic would be over by now.

Instead it’s the worst it’s ever been.

I am writing to let you know that your current strategy is completely wrong. I’m just a computer scientist, but I can see many obvious flaws.

I know it can be very difficult for a large bureaucracy to navigate through an active health crisis without multi-drug clinical trials. For some reason, the NIH has none planned either. It’s just going to be heart attacks and cancer and neurological issues as far as the eyes can see.

Hundreds of thousands of people have died because of FDA mistakes like yours The US is losing about 100,000 souls per month, and many hospital systems are nearing collapse. Also, there are tens of millions with serious post-Covid health issues because of a lack of early outpatient treatment.

Furthermore, the dangerous full-spike jabs have killed around 150,000, and injured millions more.

The decision to jab using a toxic protein in the middle of a pandemic will go down as the worse public health decision in history. I realize your job is just to bully pharmacies trying to save lives, but you should be aware of some context.

If your goal is to depopulate and cripple the United States, keep doing what you are doing.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Merry Christmas!


New Email to the FDA

I sent this email to the email alias.

Subject: Chlorine Dioxide is the fastest way out of this pandemic

I know it can be very difficult for a large bureaucracy to navigate through an active health crisis without multi-drug clinical trials.

However, I am writing to let you know that your current strategy is completely wrong. I’m just a computer scientist, but I can see many obvious flaws in it.

There are multiple ways out of this pandemic, but I wanted to write to you about the cheapest one. You currently say Chlorine Dioxide doesn’t work, and it’s poison, although 5,000 doctors in 25 countries prove you wrong every day for treatment of Covid.

Here’s a letter I wrote to you a long time ago discussing the safety and efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide. I’ve expanded it since with even more information:

No one is discussing this medicine. You could lead the world out of this pandemic using this drug for sanitation, nebulizing, and orally for treatment, and even in swimming pools.

Also, Ivermectin and HCQ and other important and extremely safe drugs should be available without a prescription. You can put a few black box warnings for any drug-drug interactions but they are perfectly safe for 99% of humanity so no need to have the doctors and pharmacists be a blockade. If you don’t do a mass early treatment, you risk crippling the nation with with long-Covid symptoms. It’s a shame you don’t have a simple early treatment kit like India, Mexico, etc.

These drugs are all far more safe and effective than the Merck and Pfizer drugs, as well as the jabs, but that’s a separate topic.



P.S. Mass vaccination is going to cause the virus to mutate, like a dog chasing its tail. I realize you have lots of smart people in your organization, but I presume you understand that concept.

Installing Drupal on Linode Using The Stackscript Marketplace

Dear Linode,

I tried installing Drupal using the Linode Marketplace. I got it working quickly, and it definitely saves typing, time, and expertise, compared to having to set it up manually.


I was happy to see it was built on Debian 10, which is the rock that Ubuntu builds on. Having used the installation for several days, I have a few suggestions:

  1. Drupal needs a mail server. Can you offer to setup one up, perhaps leveraging code from other scripts?
  2. The Create process was easy, but slightly more complicated than necessary because I had to go read the documentation. If you can please explain in the user interface that the database user account will be called “drupal” and the database will be called “drupaldb”, since these are necessary for the Drupal web installation. It shouldn’t be required to read any docs when you’ve built such a nice UI, and that was the only information missing. Note, if you call them both “drupal”, I would have guessed correctly 😉

I’m happy it’s running the latest version of Drupal, but I’m not sure what the process would be to update it to new versions, and the documentation doesn’t say. Perhaps I would just do a backup and restore to another Linode script, however that seems a overkill for a bug fix. Can you put some information about this in the documentation since Drupal isn’t in the Debian archive?

Also, have you heard of PHP Composer? It provides a mechanism to keep up to date with new versions for Drupal as well as the plugins. If you set Drupal up via the Composer, you will give them a better system regarding future installation of updates, as well as avoiding needing to setup an FTP server.

I would also consider making your Marketplace use Ansible, which allows the users to install additional apps on one machine, support multiple distros, handle upgrades over time, and has other cool features. I think it would take one Ansible person about 6 months to get your marketplace scripts ported over. I don’t even know Ansible, but I could get a WordPress script ported in a week or so 😉

I’m a fan of Linode for many reasons, but one of them is that you make it so easy to run Arch Linux, by saving me the only hard part — the installation process. Anyone who says Arch isn’t good for servers probably hasn’t tried in the last 5 years. I hope any of this is food for thought.

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Just remember that everything, from the research that led to the pandemic to the severe supply chain disruptions and orchestrated annihilation of our energy sovereignty, are all direct consequences of outsourcing of American jobs.

Unsealed evidence in lawsuit points to Google being worse than even its most ardent critics could even imagine. Mind-bending schemes to extract and destroy come from a company that thinks it is above the law.


Covid causes more T cell death than HIV.

“Covid makes herd immunity impossible because it kills the immune cells responsible for adaptive immunity & safe regulation of T cell death.”

Sooo…letting everyone get infected is perhaps the WORST possible plan.

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