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Protests in the UK

I think of my friends in the UK.

Many Americans feel their country is crumbling too. There have been demonstrations in the US against the current government for 2 years now. They are known as the tea party. They protest for economic improvement like people are demanding in your country.

The official storyline in the […]

Some of Elena Kagan’s Writings

Here is a tutorial (not the easiest thing to read) of her views.

Does anything in it stand out as possibly scary?

Focusing on government motives. She argues that campaign finance laws are good because she divines that their motives were good. “They were just trying to stem the ‘excess’ flow of money into […]

Why Mitt should not be President

I’m going to convert this into a longer entry over time, but I will start with a bunch of quotes from the National Review, which endorsed Mitt Romney, but has said many negative things about him; in fact if you read all of these negative things, you really wonder how they came to endorse him. […]