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Twobuntu talk

I was honored to present my ideas about Ubuntu & Debian at Debconf 7, with a number of Ubuntu and Debian developers present, including Mark (first time I saw him in person) and DPL Sam Hocevar. There was no slide projector, so I had to read my slides, even though everyone says you shouldn’t do […]

Debian Etch: Solid, Crufty, Some Assembly Required

Debian is the the quietest big Linux distro. I see hourly posts on Distrowatch, Slashdot and Digg about the latest builds of Ubuntu and SUSE, and even Mark Shuttleworth’s wearing of a KDE t-shirt is considered news. I presume that things are fine inside Debian and that no gnus is good gnus, but also I […]

Ubuntu 2.0 (Twobuntu?!)

Written May, 2006, updated May, 2007 in preparation for Debconf 7 Update 2: The slideshow and my thoughts on the subsequent discussion are available here.

Ubuntu is a very exciting distro, gaining critical mass, and demonstrating the possibilities for a powerful and simple Linux desktop. I can’t help spending time handicapping the top Linux distros; […]