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I like Ubuntu very much, but here is the list of bugs I’m keeping track of. Updated 10/06. Update 2, 12/08: Some of these bugs have been fixed, but some still have not. I keep this page around for historical purposes, and don’t plan on updating it.

  • The 802.11 network admin tool is completely broken. It is incredibly slow and there are huge pauses when there shouldn’t be. When I create or update a location, the settings don’t persist, and I can’t get it to connect to encrypted access points. If I could fix one thing in Ubuntu, it would be this. I’m tempted to download the code, crank up the debugger and have a look around. However, I can’t believe other people haven’t noticed these issues already. I wonder how many Ubuntu people aren’t running Breezy or use iwconfig? UPDATE: Network manager works better, but isn’t the default yet.
  • Install needs network access. It lets you specify the WEP key, but not the SSID. In my apartment, there are 15 802.11 networks!
  • The fingerprint reader doesn’t work.
  • I can’t get the external monitor to work. I believe I might be able to edit some config file, but I don’t have the time nor expertise to figure that out.
  • I can plug my DVD-ROM drive in after I boot, but Ubuntu won’t recognize it till I restart.
  • My laptop has two batteries, yet the battery monitor only shows one.
  • I can’t get remote printing to work, local printing is okay. UPDATE: I had to edit a textfile but now it works!!
  • The menus are way better than fedora but still a little too complicated. System tools, System administration and System preferences?!
  • I wasn’t able to turn off certain system sounds. I had to turn them all off. Most of the beating drums and other sounds were annoying anyway.
  • OpenOffice understands a small subset of the hotkeys of Word.
  • The on-screen display for increasing screen brightness and such doesn’t work.
  • Kino cannot open ASF even though Totem can (once I installed the w32codecs)

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    1. You updated today! How lucky I am to stumble upon your blog today!

      I’m running Intrepid (8.10) and don’t have the issues you list… except the sounds. The login screen seems to be uncontrollable from within a session. That is SO annoying.

      I’ve been a Windows/Linux user for many years – but mostly Windows. Periodically I’d install some flavor of Linux, whatever seemed the most “up” at the time, to see if they were ready for mainstream users yet. I have to say, if they aren’t, they’re damn close at this point. I use my wife as my benchmark. Not that she isn’t tech savvy, she has the ability to comprehend things, but doesn’t want to have to bother with it. Things should just work. Windows is a resource hog, and that is my biggest problem with it. That, and the malware.

      I’m a little surprised that you often find yourself not wanting to edit configs and such, given your very high level of technical aptitude. However, I think you’re kind of like me, or even my wife, and are simply put off that it doesn’t work [by now]. What I have learned is that for every issue you find, some geek (present company included in that brand) has worked it out, but simply has not shared his/her fix with the Linux world, or distribution development team. I think this is the answer you’re looking for. The solution is to find a way to get those people more involved, and even to instill a sense of responsibility to “the community”. This would exponentially speed up the process of getting Linux where it belongs.

      I do really enjoy reading your blog, keep it up!


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