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New Email to the FDA

I sent this email to the DRUGINFO@fda.hhs.gov email alias.

Subject: Chlorine Dioxide is the fastest way out of this pandemic

I know it can be very difficult for a large bureaucracy to navigate through an active health crisis without multi-drug clinical trials.

However, I am writing to let you know that your current strategy is completely wrong. I’m just a computer scientist, but I can see many obvious flaws in it.

There are multiple ways out of this pandemic, but I wanted to write to you about the cheapest one. You currently say Chlorine Dioxide doesn’t work, and it’s poison, although 5,000 doctors in 25 countries prove you wrong every day for treatment of Covid.

Here’s a letter I wrote to you a long time ago discussing the safety and efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide. I’ve expanded it since with even more information:https://keithcu.com/wordpress/?p=4084

No one is discussing this medicine. You could lead the world out of this pandemic using this drug for sanitation, nebulizing, and orally for treatment, and even in swimming pools.

Also, Ivermectin and HCQ and other important and extremely safe drugs should be available without a prescription. You can put a few black box warnings for any drug-drug interactions but they are perfectly safe for 99% of humanity so no need to have the doctors and pharmacists be a blockade. If you don’t do a mass early treatment, you risk crippling the nation with with long-Covid symptoms. It’s a shame you don’t have a simple early treatment kit like India, Mexico, etc.

These drugs are all far more safe and effective than the Merck and Pfizer drugs, as well as the jabs, but that’s a separate topic.



P.S. Mass vaccination is going to cause the virus to mutate, like a dog chasing its tail. I realize you have lots of smart people in your organization, but I presume you understand that concept.

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Just remember that everything, from the research that led to the pandemic to the severe supply chain disruptions and orchestrated annihilation of our energy sovereignty, are all direct consequences of outsourcing of American jobs.

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Covid causes more T cell death than HIV.

“Covid makes herd immunity impossible because it kills the immune cells responsible for adaptive immunity & safe regulation of T cell death.”

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