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Software Wars, the Movie

Soundtrack for the book:

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The best book explaining free market economics:

The best explanation of how we can build a space elevator in 10 years:

Book explaining a political solution to our economic problems:

Here are some mixes I made with the help of a sound engineer. Note, the bottom mix has two trainwrecks at 51: and 55. I will note on twitter when I have a final version.

Drum and bass #1:

1 Blu Mar Ten Global Access
2 Er.ic Aware
3 Blu Mar Ten Believe Me
4 Zero T Run Time
5 Blu Mar Ten By The Time My Light Reaches You, I’ll Be Gone
6 Seba Not looked up
7 Seba Not looked up
8 LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad Promo Mix
9 Method One Podcast
10 Beta 2 & Zero T Saturate State
11 J Laze Memoryz

House / breakbeat mix

1 Ulrich Schnauss Here Today, Gone tomorrow
2 Way Out West Apollo
3 Scrambler Free
4 Brancaccio and Aisher Music Don’t Stop
5 Redanka Waves
6 Stef Steffan
7 Shpongle Dorset Perception
8 Ulrich Schnauss On My Own
9 John Johnson London
10 Gwill Morris Time
11 Young American Primitive Ritual
12 Orbital Halcyon
13 Blu Mar Ten Believe Me (David Bartholomeusz remix)

Drum and Bass Mixtape #2

Mix of modern drum and bass tracks

1 Scenic And Advisory Science Friction
2 Blu Mar Ten All Over Again (Sabre Remix)
3 Logistics Reality Checkpoint
4 Furney Soh Cah Toa
5 Naibu
Opium Lady
6 Scenic and Advisory Icicle
7 Calibre All These Days
8 Lynx feat. Kemo Global Enemies
9 Tayla Turn It Around
10 Locksmith I’m Not Where You Are
11 Zero T Tell Me
12 Makoto, T-Ak Voyager
13 Lm1, Indigo Sync The 5-9-1
14 S.P.Y. Sunship
15 DJ Marky, XRS Strip Tease
16 LM1 Season of Descent
17 Blu Mar Ten Overwhelm

Old-school Goodlooking Records Mixtape (v0.99)

1 Blu Mar Ten Santur
2 Intense Eastern Promise
3 Psyne Sly Detector
4 Odyssey Object
5 Blu Mar Ten Dark Matter
6 PFM The Western
7 Future Engineers Time Shift
8 Big Bud Pure
9 Alaska and Nucleus The Nautilus
10 Intense Westside Blues
11 Tayla Dimensions
12 Rantoul Default
13 Odyssey Expressions
14 PFM Danny’s Song
15 LTJ Bukem Demon’s Theme
16 Blu Mar Ten Myriad
17 PFM In Love
18 Aquasky In the Zone
19 PFM Still Doin’ It
20 Makoto Sky High

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