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Another Post to the LKML

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I wrote two responses, which eventually allowed me to boil it down to one sentence: You can do anything you want in addition to perfection (i.e. zero bugs). Long answer: I was baptized into the zero bugs religion about 20 years ago. This was before the web and time-based releases, but […]

Post to the Linux Kernel Mailing List about Zero Bugs in Linux

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Many interesting ideas on version numbering schemes. I like 2.11.X because it maps to years easily in people’s mind, but I look forward to seeing what is chosen. You guys break many of the rules for software development, so why not going backwards in version numbers 😉

Torcs-based driving simulator in Python

I have decided to restart OpenRacing: (Note, we may rename it to PyTorcs or pySpeed-Dreams[1]) Note, I’ve decided to call it PyTorcs for now. See you in Github.

PyTorcs is based on the Torcs codebase, which is widely considered the best FOSS racing game and which already has autonomous cars. However, the codebase contains a […]