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Software Wars, the Movie

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The best book explaining free market economics:

The best explanation of how we can build a space elevator in 10 years:

Book explaining a political solution to our economic problems:

Conversation with Cuban programmers about rolling releases

There are 12 Cuban programmers each translating a chunk of my book into Spanish. Here is my latest mail to them:


An idea for an interesting project occurred to me, and you are the perfect candidate country to build it!

I have come to understand that rolling releases are what Linux should become. […]

E-mail to ubuntu-devel

Here we are 5+ years in, and these basic problems still exist.

The problem is Mark doesn’t see the point of doing work in Debian, because if he did, then why should he have created Ubuntu? Mark thinks contributing to Debian makes as much sense as contributing to Red Hat: nice in some ideal world, […]

How to print from your iPad

Neurotic robot with music

I added music to the neurotic robot. Do you like it better?

Why the Healthcare bill sux

I just wrote this to a friend in facebook and thought I’d post it here. He wanted to know what I didn’t like most about the healthcare bill:

It is so hard to say what I don’t like most because it is a big bill but also because I am upset about the process. This […]