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Software Wars, the Movie

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The best book explaining free market economics:

The best explanation of how we can build a space elevator in 10 years:

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How to print from your iPad

Neurotic robot with music

I added music to the neurotic robot. Do you like it better?

Why the Healthcare bill sux

I just wrote this to a friend in facebook and thought I’d post it here. He wanted to know what I didn’t like most about the healthcare bill:

It is so hard to say what I don’t like most because it is a big bill but also because I am upset about the process. This […]

To Mark Shuttleworth on Ubuntu / Debian

Version 1.03

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your feedback on my book excerpt about Ubuntu / Debian, and I appreciate your time.

The main concern I have about the current situation is this: when an Ubuntu person does some coding work and posts the diff to a website, it is now a workitem for […]


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