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Software Wars, the Movie

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The best book explaining free market economics:

The best explanation of how we can build a space elevator in 10 years:

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Torcs-based driving simulator in Python

I have decided to restart OpenRacing: (Note, we may rename it to PyTorcs or pySpeed-Dreams[1]) Note, I’ve decided to call it PyTorcs for now. See you in Github.

PyTorcs is based on the Torcs codebase, which is widely considered the best FOSS racing game and which already has autonomous cars. However, the codebase contains a […]

Open Letter to Ableton

This is a rant I posted to the Ableton forum.

Open letter to Ableton;

I was very annoyed about Ableton / Linux support, so I decided to come here and complain and I found a thread — of course!

If an application supports Windows and Mac, supporting Linux is not much work. Somehow, there […]

GC Lingua Franca(s)

Feb-15-2011 Science doesn’t always proceed at the speed of thought. It often proceeds at sociological or even demographic speed. — John Tooby

Open Letter to the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML);

If we were already talking to our computers, etc. as we should be, I wouldn’t feel a need to write this to you. Given […]

Article in Hindi

Here is some light New Year’s Eve reading for you. Original link (Translation per Shardul Pandey) —— United States should elect Keith Curtis as President

I don’t know Keith Curtis. I have read his book, After the Software Wars and after decades I have encountered an intelligent American like him. He is so very intelligent […]

Open letter to Ray Kurzweil

I’ve moved the open letter here: