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Analyze this!

Why work on Vision?

Here is Why.



Have a Milestone 1 demo on or before September 8th, 2008.

Hard Questions


Programmer stuff

Collecting and archiving knowledge is as important as code. Be diligent about linking to great documents (intro or reference) or writing cheat sheets. There is a ton of jargon out there and things are often much simpler than they sound.

Motion planning sounds fancy and I like using the word, but there is not much to it. In our repository in the docs directory, there is a paper that, despite lots of fluff, explains it well. We will do some good driving and motion planning in Milestone 1 with about 6,000 lines of C#! I hope that vision is also easier than it sounds, but I am less sure :-)


We will buy it as much as possible. If we have anything more than a computer and soldering iron, we have gone too far!

What hardware should we buy to do some demo of an object that can program to move precisely and have it give us input about what it is seeing.