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(Hard Questions)
(Free Software codebase investigations)
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* Setting up [[Build]] environment
* Setting up [[Build]] environment
* [[Readability]]
* [[Readability]]
== Free Software codebase investigations ==
The questions are: which codebases do we use? How clean is the code and how active is the community?
In general we should be looking for the biggest community. The one with 2x as many developers will win, unless both have achieved critical mass.
Any codebases we use we will want to be able to program in a Mono language. (Reasons for this do not fit into the margin) Finding managed bindings is a part of the development, and they are all out there, except for the driving logic, which is in progress.
[[Codebase Analysis]]
[[Codebase Analysis]]

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Why work on Vision?

Here is Why.



Have a Milestone 1 demo on or before September 8th, 2008.

Hard Questions


Programmer stuff

Codebase Analysis


We will buy it as much as possible. If we have anything more than a computer and soldering iron, we have gone too far!

What hardware should we buy to do some demo of an object that can drive around, stay away from things, map out the location, recognize objects, be given a set of waypoints, etc.