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[edit] Simulation and Engineering Software

One can simulate the design and operation of a space elevtor in software to an arbitrary degree, down to the atom where necessary such as the ribbon.

[edit] Models

There are many models one could improve:

  • Make climber more realistic, using data from commercial parts
  • Simulating the deployment and operation
  • Improving model for the station at GEO
  • Designing ships deployed from GEO to send cargo and people to Mars
  • Modeling SE climbers for humans rather than just cargo
  • Creating a luxurious Mars and moon colony. What can you do for $10/pound?

[edit] Spreadsheets

Just think how many places a spreadsheet cost calculator must go to come up with a "final" number! Spreadsheets get very cool when you start to combine the data from various pieces together. Every separate spreadsheet is a locked up silo of information, unless it is linking to other ones. We have 16 spreadsheets in our archives already.

Complete list:

Some available spreadsheets:

Additional spreadsheets available in the archive require cleaning

[edit] Collada

Where possible, free software and formats will be used to make it easy for someone interested to contribute.

[edit] Blender

Blender is the Ferrari of 3-D graphics packages. Is extremely powerful, has a huge community, has physics simulation capabilities built in and supports Collada.

Feature list:

Gallery of pretty pictures:

Online Manual TOC:

Complete Tutorial: [1]

UI Intro: [2]

Various tutorials: [3]

Wikibook: [4]

[edit] Finite Element Analysis

A full set of Python-based scientific libraries:

Other Python software for science and engineering:

It is recommended to use Python for scientific research.

[edit] Other Software

NASA's free code:

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