OpenRacing WIP

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Tasks & Plans

  • Ogre renderer
    • Automatic car 3D model conversion. (can be called "automatic AC3D to Ogre conversion").
    • Automatic track 3D model conversion from Torcs-NG's data (starting from trackgen). Should warn about unsupported geometry and such.
    • Make a camera follows a car (from behind).
  • Core engine
    • Load a complete track using C++ plugin : DONE.
    • Initialize OgreDotNet graphic plugins to display the track : DONE.
    • Load cars / physics engine : DONE.
    • Load a C++ driver / create C# interface : DONE.
  • Distribution
    • Compile libsimulator from unmodified Torcs-NG repository. Maybe wait till sdl-port goes to trunk. Or maybe do it sooner so that we stay in touch. Moving to Cmake will be boring so if we do it before, we can postpone that.
  • Driver
    • Implement user controlled vehicle.
    • Load sharpy's driver, make it run a car : Keith will do
  • User interface
    • Make a GUI designed for our needs (load a track, evaluate drivers, run simulation in background, ...) : WIP
    • Port to MyGUI's C# interface : Waiting for MyGUI to do it.
    • Work on the installation process


Bellow, you'll find some screenshots showing work in progress of Ogre renderer and GUIs.


  • Mono
  • OgreDotNet for the visualization.
  • MyGUI for GUIs
  • OIS for inputs