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[edit] Tasks & Plans

[edit] Achieving UTI

Achieving UTI

[edit] Tasks

[edit] Ogre renderer

  • Automatic car 3D model conversion. (can be called "automatic AC3D to Ogre conversion").
  • Automatic track 3D model conversion from Torcs-NG's data (starting from trackgen). Should warn about unsupported geometry and such.

[edit] Driver

  • Load sharpy's driver, make it run a car

[edit] User interface

  • Make a GUI designed for our needs (load a track, evaluate drivers, run simulation in background, ...) : WIP
  • Work on the installation process

[edit] Screenshots

Bellow, you'll find some screenshots showing work in progress of Ogre renderer and GUIs.

[edit] Old tasks

[edit] Ogre renderer

  • Make a camera follows a car (from behind) : DONE.

[edit] Core engine

  • Load a complete track using C++ plugin : DONE.
  • Initialize OgreDotNet graphic plugins to display the track : DONE.
  • Load cars / physics engine : DONE.
  • Load a C++ driver / create C# interface : DONE.

[edit] Driver

  • Implement user controlled vehicle : DONE.

[edit] User interface

  • Port to MyGUI's C# interface : DONE.

[edit] Merging Imre's work


  • Identify hardcoded stuffs : WIP
    • -> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/mulder/projects/openracing/cleaned/src/libsimulator/.libs
    • src/ode/OdeLoader.cs -> mCtx.RegisterResourcePath("/home/mulder/projects/trunk/track/Barcelona/");
    • my_config doesn't have to be in the repository
    • src/core/RaceManager.cs -> InitStartingGrid
    • src/graphic/OScene.cs -> mCtx.RegisterResourcePath("/home/mulder/projects/openracing/cleaned/data/tracks/road/icy");
    • src/ode/OdeMesh.cs -> XmlTextReader reader = new XmlTextReader("/home/mulder/projects/openracing/cleaned/data/tracks/road/icy/Mesh.mesh.xml");
  • Full merge
  • Clean
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