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Here is a basic workflow I used to get started

bzr branch lp:openracing trunk (put the default openracing branch which is our trunk into a directory called trunk) cd trunk bzr push bzr+ssh:// (This creates a remote branch on the server called work for you to work with) cd ..

Now you have to get it: bzr branch lp:~keithcu/openracing/work

cd work Party like crazy bzr add (It will add your .hg directory if you aren't careful! bzr revert throws them away) bzr commit -m "Party like it's 1929" bzr push lp:~keithcu/openracing/work (to push your changes to the remote server -- not strictly necessary, but it lets others pull from them, and backs your changes up in case your computer dies.)

cd ../trunk bzr merge ../work bzr commit -m "Applying work to trunk"

Push changes to trunk so they are now in mainline bzr push lp:openracing

To get your work branch up to date you can: cd work bzr merge lp:openracing

Here are some notes but they aren't that helpful because they don't assume launchpad

Longer doc:

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